Hub-e (2018)

A customer centric approach to life, the universe and everything - Hub-e is the crystallisation of everything else on this site.

Hub-e is an idea to protect customers from the dramatic growth of online advertising plus take advantage of the interest in personal healthcare/fitness and monitoring.

Hub-e aims to use data from a community of individually approved partners to deliver personalised news, information, ideas, incentives and offers (delivered through the development of a unique algorithm) to customers who control what they share and what they want to receive - over the internet, mobile networks and other channels.

The business model is based on a combination of revenue share deals, advertising and annual membership fees.

The user sits as the centre of the hub protected by the service’s “firewall” and enjoys interesting offers and suggestions - that they elect to receive - plus healthy competition designed to make them move more and eat less - and thus live longer happier lives.