The Dream Society

In today's Information Society, we prize those who can skillfully manipulate data. In tomorrow's Dream Society, we will most generously reward those who can tell stories.

Rolf Jensen wrote about it in his 2000 book of the same name.

"The Information Age, which opened only a few decades ago with the appearance of the first commercial computers, is already approaching its end. In the years ahead, we will move into what may be called the Dream Society."

"The future Dream Society will be the fifth techno-economic system in which humans have lived. The first - the Hunter-Gatherer Society - gave way to Agricultural Society about 10,000 years ago. Agricultural Society began yielding to a third system - Industrial Society - about 1750, when steam engines began appearing in England. About 1950, a fourth system - the Information Society - began to take shape, but it now appears that the Information Society will not last more than a few decades longer before yielding to a society focused on dreams, adventure, spirituality, and feelings."