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Ad hoc business support for SMEs

When you can't see the wood for the trees

You have 3 options.

Struggle on yourself

If you're even considering this - don't! Even the biggest control freak needs to admit that they will function better and deliver more if they focus on doing what they're good at and delegate the areas they may lack expertise in to experts.

Appoint a full time agency

The big plus of this option are that you now have a range of experts on tap - but having a full time agency means you are paying them - full-time! So you need to be sure that this is the most economical choice - for your circumstances right now!

Look for ad hoc support

Ad hoc providers are more agile. They tend to be older and to have had a wealth of experience across a range of industries. They usually have a network of skills providers which can be switched on and off to suit - an "Experience Network".

Why use PW @TheExperienceNetwork?

3 steps to success.

Step 1 - Research & Analysis

Turning Data into Information

Who are your customers, what do they want to buy? How often do they buy it - and where? Can you deliver something better for them, at a price that they will pay? Will they believe you?

Step 2 - Strategy & Planning

Information into Simple Stories

What is it that is going to make them believe you? Do you understand their needs and wants? What makes them respond and what is the right language to communicate with them in?

Step 3 - Marketing & Promotion

Simple Stories into Successes

How you put the theory, strategy and tactics into place. Selecting the right elements of the marketing mix to use, and the correct channels to market that will deliver the best results!

Success stories


Experience Laskys Experience

Laskys was a 50 store electrical goods chain. It's heritage was hi-fi and over the years other product categories were added to the range. This plus increased competition led to the original level of customer trust being eroded. After an extensive review the Experience Laskys Experience and Laskys Elite campaigns turned this around.

Interactive Retailing

Interactive Retailing

In the late 1990s ICL Retail Systems was looking for a way to highlight the quality of its EPOS systems to major European retail groups. A small team was commissioned with a brief to place ICL at the "bleeding edge". The team developed a true multi-channel shopping solution which allowed the customer to start shopping at home and then continue it at work, in public places using a kiosk and completing the transaction instore. Waitrose@Work was the very first client.

The Fridge

The ScreenFridge

The world's first internet enabled screenfridge was launched by ICL and Electrolux in February 1999. Based on an original idea by ICL Distinguished Fellow, Dr. Edwin Turner, the Fridge made it onto the Oprah Whinfrey show, it was exhibited at Epcot and was the central element of the Interactive Retailing programme.


R U Licensed to play

Early adopters of technology tend be the "3Gs" - Girls, Games and Gambling. Based on a detailed understanding of the mobile payment market and the need to establish the location of the "player" to meet individual country laws Bluepay's "R U Licensed to play" strategy provided a solution for the major credit card processors.


Grocery Retailing

Understanding who your customers are and what they like is key. Both Gateway and the Co-op had similar customer bases and rather than try to change them as they attempted with the failed Somerfield startegy, the introduction of a simple Continuity programme, where customers collected items of dinnerware each week when they spent over a set limit, saw sales lifted significantly over a 16 week period.

Direct Mail

Direct mail

In the early part of this century the rental market for electrical goods was an extremely profitable business. A key part of that was the management#of the product lifecycle - a single TV might last for 10 years and be rented out to 4 or 5 different customers. This process needed to be stimulated so the company used direct mail to do this. One campaign, themed around the Seoul Olympics, achieved a response rate of 40%! 32% responding poisitively and 8% saying no thak you. Customer engagement levels to die for!

Crime Scene Tech

Forensic Services

No matter what the weather scene going forensic scientists have to collect and detail a wide range of evidence. So rather than a paper based approach covering 20 pages to be completed why not use a handheld device? Collect video, audio, typed information, diagrams - in fact everything except physical evidence. And then send it over an encrypted network and automatically im port it into your case management system.



There are numerous services out there that will find all the best deals for you - but none that will manage things for you. Hub-e was conceived as a personal assistant that would manage tour life - well those elements of your life that you were happy to delegate. Things such as utility suppliers, banks, health providers, music services - you name it. Or how about a holiday service that understands what you like doing and recommends places to go and trips to take that automatically fit into your budget and your diary?

SMS banking

SMS banking

In the early days of m-Commerce SMS banking was as sexy as it got and 724 Solutions was anxious to show how it would benefit leading international banks if they provided this service for their customers. But how to get the message across? Before mobile projectors had been thought of....simple! You create a mobile phone with a 48" touchscreen and then you wheel it around the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes - now that we call making an impression!

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